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German Bubble gathers great learning techniques and materials for German learners, with the purpose the help them learn German, faster, smarter, more efficiently and enjoy the learning process more. 

About Me

Hello! I am Feiya and I am currently living as an expat in Germany.I came to Germany for the first time in 2019 as an exchange student for an English degree program. 

During my six months in Germany, even though I only needed to use English for my study, it has struck me that living in Germany without German could be quite a struggle.

There were times when I needed to go to the Foreign Service to apply for the materials I needed, but I couldn’t  express correctly what I needed.

There were times when I went to the supermarket, but I could not find the ingredients I needed for cooking.

There were times when I was invited to the Family of one of my German friends, but I was unable to enjoy the time because I simply could not understand the conversations and jokes they made.


However, since I only stayed in Germany for half a year, I didn’t really make up my mind to learn German, despite the above mentioned difficulties in my life.

In 2020, I decided to leave my home country and come to Germany, in order to explore more working opportunities and gain more life experience. 

To prepare for my trip to Germany, I realised once again how important the German language is for me, and for anyone, to be able to study, live and work in Germany.

Along the way, I made great efforts to improve my German language skills.

I have:

taken various courses, online and offline; 

bought different tutorials, in Chinese, English and German; 

read a number of  newspapers and magazines, designed for German learners as well as for native German speakers; 

followed many German learning channels, native and non-native German speakers;

I have gained much experience in the process of learning German.

As a German learner, I understand the struggles and challenges one would come across in the process of German learning. I know how to apply different learning strategies for different purposes as well as for different types of learners. 

I believe that German is not a difficult language and that everyone has the ability to learn German more intelligently and efficiently.

The purpose of this website is to share my experience of learning German with all learners of German, in the hope that my articles will inspire German learners to find the most suitable learning materials and learning methods for themselves and to start their journey to Germany a little more easily and smoothly.